ACHS Canada is a chapter of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.

Chapter coordinators are Richard Hutchings and Marina La Salle.

Formed in 2016, the goal of the chapter is to foster critical approaches to heritage in and around Canada. This includes promoting the 2012 ACHS Manifesto. As stated therein, “critical” means:

An opening up to a wider range of intellectual traditions. The social sciences – sociology, anthropology, political science amongst others – need to be drawn on to provide theoretical insights and techniques to study ‘heritage’.

Accordingly to explore new methods of enquiry that challenge the established conventions of positivism and quantitative analysis by including and encouraging the collection of ‘data’ from a wider range of sources in novel and imaginative ways,

The integration of heritage and museum studies with studies of memory, public history, community, tourism, planning and development.

The development of international multidisciplinary networks and dialogues to work towards the development of collaborative research and policy projects.

Democratising heritage by consciously rejecting elite cultural narratives and embracing the heritage insights of people, communities and cultures that have traditionally been marginalised in formulating heritage policy.

Making critical heritage studies truly international through the synergy of taking seriously diverse non-Western cultural heritage traditions.

Increasing dialogue and debate between researchers, practitioners and communities.

The creation of new international heritage networks that draw on the emerging and eclectic critique of heritage that has given rise to Critical Heritage Studies.

ACHS Canada is part of this network.

Please direct all questions, suggestions, and announcements to

achs [dot] ca [dot] 2016 [at] gmail [dot] com