Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval Insults Democracy and Economic Logic

Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic

By Andrew Nikiforuk | 30 Nov 2016

By approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has undermined democracy, ignored science, trashed all economic logic and put his government on a collision course with First Nations and British Columbia’s coastal communities.

Although the prime minister claimed that his decision was “based on rigorous debate on science and on evidence,” the approval remains, say economic and petroleum experts, an irrational political decision that sacrifices the best economic and environment interests of the country.

Let’s begin with the insult to democracy.

From the beginning, countless citizens identified the National Energy Board review process that approved the controversial $6.8-billion pipeline earlier this year as a travesty, unjust or a sham.…

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