Five Myths Rehashed in Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval

Five Myths Trudeau Rehashed in Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval

By Carol Linnitt | 02 Dec 2016

Most Canadians weren’t surprised to hear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approve the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline this week.

Yet Trudeau’s announcement was so thoroughly cut through with political spin and misinformation some have described it as “Orwellian.”

So where did the Prime Minister rank highest on the spin-master index?

Here are our top five myth and misinformation moments from Trudeau’s Kinder Morgan announcement:

>>Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval Based on ‘Science’
>>Kinder Morgan Pipeline and Tankers ‘Safe’ for B.C. Coast
>>Kinder Morgan Pipeline a Part of Canada’s Climate Plan
>>Pipeline Will Help Usher in Clean Energy Transition
>>Pipeline Approval Doesn’t Violate Indigenous Rights

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